DEGOL HB (for Brake Fluid)


A mixture of polyethylene glycol ethers of minimum reflux boiling point 215 0C. Used as a component of hydraulic fluids and as a water-soluble solvent and coalescing agent.


Property Test Method Typical results
Appearance Visual A clear liquid Pale Yellow
Freeform sediment
Equilibrium reflux
Boiling point (ERBP)
IS 8654 250 deg. C
Water % mass ASTM D 1123 less than 0.4

The above typical figures do not constitute a specification.

ASTM standards are published by the American Society for Testing and Materials, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia Pa. 19103, USA. IS specifications are issued by the Indian Standard Institute.

One of the major use of DEGOL HB is as ingredients in hydraulic brake fluid formulations, and as a water soluble solvent and coalscing agent. These formulations exhibit low change in viscosity with temperatures and have high boiling points, which prevents vapour lock and excessive evaporation loss. They due to their excellent solubility characteristics hold all of the components in a single phase over a wide range and provide a tolerance for small quantities. Also the formulations provided exhibit relatively non-corrosive nature, have a good thermal stability and low pour points.

DEGOL HB is most suited to formulate a heavy duty or DOT-3 specification Brake fluid. This product can be compounded with PEG-200, Blown Castor Oil or other suitable glycol's, to formulate the Brake Fluid.

Other additives such as Triethanolamine to adjust the pH and Corrosion Inhibitors, Antioxidants can be incorporated to pass all the required tests.

Attached chart show the suitability of DEGOL HB making DOT - 3 or Heavy Duty Brake Fluid.

Preferred Diluents : 1. PEG 200 2. DEG 3. Blown Castor Oil 4 . Higher Ethers of Glycol

Preferred Additives : 1. Bisphenol 2. Benzotriazole 3. Borax 4. Triethanolamine
                            5. Sodium Nitrate 6. Butylated Hydroxy Toluene

Formulation with PEG 200 : Degol HB 60% to 80% PEG 200 20% to 40%

This gives ERBP around 230 deg.C for DOT3 and Higher DECOL HB gives ERBP 275 DOT4 and viscosity at 40 deg.C 1300 cst. Max.

S.NO. Test Parameter Specification for Brake Fluid DOT3 Specification for Brake Fluid DOT4
01 Appearence Clear reddish color liquid Amber
02 ERBP, Deg.C 230 min 275 min
03 Wet ERBP, Deg.C 140 min 175 min
04 pH (1:1 in 80 ml ethanol +20 ml water) 7.0 - 11.5 7.0 - 11.5
05 Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Deg. C 1.5 cst min 2.3 cst min
06 Kinematic Viscosity @ -40 Deg. C 1500 max 1500 max
07 Bubble flow 10 sec. max 10 sec. max