Diamglobal Solution to concrete problems

Focused on quality, sales support and service excellence.

Diamglobal Construction Systems is a basic manufacturer of concrete construction chemicals, scientifically formulated for providing effective, high performance products and systems for the construction industry.

We are focussed on achieving high customer satisfaction by providing the utmost in experience and technical support.

You can rely on us for quality products, timely delivery and technical expertise.

We pioneer in Concrete Admixtures, Water-proofing Solutions, Tile Adhesives, Floor Hardeners, Accelerators and Grouts.

Our Product Range comprises of :

Quality statement

All products manufactured by Diamglobal are made to national / international standards under strict quality controls.

High quality products combined with outstanding, dedicated and knowledgeable people is what sets apart Diamglobal from all the others. With wide experience Diamglobal is ready to assist concrete contractors, engineers, architects and owners with CUSTOM SOLUTIONS TO CONCRETE PROBLEMS.