Decar Carbitol

  2 (2 – Ethoxyethoxy) Ethanol
  Diethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether
  Ethyl Diglycol
  Ethyl Carbitol


DECAR CARBITOL is a colourless, slightly hygroscopic, high boiling liquid with a mild odour. It is completely miscible with water and most organic solvents. In addition, it has good solvent power for nitrocellulose and can be diluted to a considerable extent with toluene. It forms binary azeotropic mixtures with some organic substances.


Property Test Method Specified Limit
Colour, Pt-Co ASTM D 1209 10 max
Density at 20 deg.C, kg/1 ASTM D 1298 0.988 - 0.993
Water, % mass ASTM D 1364 0.2 max
Distillation Range ASTM D 1078  
IBP, deg. C
  197 min
DP, deg.C
  205 max
Acidity, as acetic acid, % mass ASTM D 1613 0.015 max


ASTM standards are published by the American Society for Testing and Materials, 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia Pa. 19103, USA.


Because of its low setting point and low viscosity at low temperatures DECAR CARBITOL is used in many brake fluids. The solvent does not attack natural and synthetic rubber. In combination with polypropylene glycol’s or mixed adducts from ethylene oxide / propylene oxide in particular it is possible to produce brake fluids conforming to specification SAE J 1703a.

DECAR CARBITOL is used as a flow and gloss promoter in the paint industry, the extendibility of the solutions being increased. As low volatility solvents DECAR CARBITOL should be added only in small quantities to avoid undesirably long drying times of the paints. DECAR CARBITOL can be used for pre-dissolving alcohol soluble dyestuffs and is a constituent of many wood stains. This solvent is also used in the production of printing inks and as a cleaner in offset printing shops, its property of not causing rubber to swell being advantages DECAR CARBITOL phthalate is an excellent plasticizer for vinyl resins.

In the textiles industry DECAR CARBITOL is used as a solvent for dyestuffs in the printing and dyeing of fibres and fabrics. Addition of DECAR CARBITOL as a solubilizer to lubricants often improves the storage stability and consistency and facilities the forming of the emulsion. The mutual compatibility of detergent raw materials in aqueous solution can also be improved by adding this solvent. This addition also prevents gel formation by liquid detergent and cleaner formulations.

DECAR CARBITOL is also used as a solubilizer in drilling and cutting coolants either containing or free of mineral oil.

DECAR CARBITOL permits the production of highly concentrated solutions of chlorophenols (pentachlorophenol) and chlorine based insecticides it is used for the production of pesticides and wood preservatives. The low volatility solvent is also a constituent of Indian ink and ball point pen pastes.

As a high boiling point DECAR CARBITOL offers the advantage as accelerating saponification in the determination of the saponification number of waxes resins and fats.

DECAR CARBITOL is used for specific applications, e.g. in cosmetics as a solvent for essential oils in the perfumery industry and in domestic cleaners.


205 Litres HDPE barrels Nett Weight per drum 200 kgs.